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    Jesus said to his disciples, "You will do greater things than these."


    Who exactly did Jesus mean by "YOU?"   Everyone: Equipping pastors and laity to move into a shared ministry of Preaching, Teaching, and Healing so that EVERYONE is capable of being released into movemental, missional discipleship.


    We are practitioners who have built shared, empowering ministries. We know the joys and the real challenges of leading this transition. We are coaches, encouragers, and releasers focused on helping disciples of Jesus break through the places with depleted soil, discover the joy of growth, and cast seeds of movemental reproduction.



  • Upcoming Huddles - Fall 2020

    Painting with Words

    Metaphors and Memes

    Launching November 10

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    We will coach your team how to convey the Gospel in memes, compelling metaphors, and symbols that connect with your context and are authentic to how you have been shaped by your own journey of faith. NOTE: We have designed our huddle experience to embody the essence of Empowered Laity. We encourage laity to participate with their pastor as together you will explore your neighborhood as well as how to effectively speak the Good News of Jesus into those places of pain and brokenness in your community.

    Empowered Laity

    An Introduction

    Launching November 10

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    This is our primary huddle experience, equipping Pastors and Laity to move beyond Spiritual Feudalism* to shared Preaching, Teaching, and Healing so that everyone is capable of being released into movemental, missional discipleship. Move from shame and scarcity to Encouragement and Empowerment.


    *The expectation that Jesus meant only ordained church leaders when he said, "You will do greater things than these."

    Naturally Supernatural

    Coming Soon

    As we aim to align our lives with the Ways of Jesus, it's clear Jesus performed miraculous signs and wonders - and his disciples learned the central role they would play in their mission and ministry.


    Naturally Supernatural aims to recover a Biblical, non-weird, non-uncomfortable, natural approach to imitating the Supernatural Power the Holy Spirit still grants to Call, Gather and Enlighten His church.  

  • Principal Coaches

    Rev. Dr. Brian Hughes

    Dr. Brian is a ministry practitioner with a proven track record of leading effective missional change in his ministry as well as coaching others in the skills and character shifts needed to launch deep rooted, discipleship oriented transformation. Recently retiring early after 35 years of parish ministry, he launched a movemental ministry (RoadChurch) and until the Covid shutdown, was leading a worship service Sunday mornings in a strip club in Baltimore. He is also the owner/operator of a deep diving search and recovery submersible. More information on his sub can be found here: www.tehom.net

    Pastor Karen Heist, Discipleship Pastor, St. John Lutheran Church

    Pastor Karen has a long history of coaching laity and ordained. A true "horse whisperer", she is an expert in the equestrian ring, effortless balancing Invitation and Challenge, an approach that also produces significant breakthrough with those she has coached. Basic Discipleship coaching, Accessible Prophecy, and learning how to be Naturally Supernatural are just some of the tools she can bring to the table. More information about her congregation can be found here: www.StJohnMD.org

  • Testimonials

    Empowered Laity coaching has opened so many doors in my walk with Christ and ministry. It has given me the tools to lead huddles of athletic coaches and students as well as other leadership opportunities in the Church. Most importantly it has vastly enriched my prayer life and ability to call on The Holy Spirit to help others.


    - Dave

    Today, many books, speakers, and conferences aim at helping pastors help their congregations to grow as disciples of Jesus. Empowered Laity empowered me in this sometimes elusive process, not with a shallow step-by-step formula, but by walking me through an authentic discipleship process that cleared away the hype and the clutter to see the elements which create an environment for true discipleship. It’s honest. It’s real. It rings true. And I’m genuinely grateful to God for the opportunity to engage the Empowered Laity journey.


    –Sean Rajnic , counselor and senior pastor, Immanuel Evangelical Free Church, York, PA